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heatpumpThe Energy Efficiency of Hothouse Installed Heat Pumps

Energy efficiency is fast becoming one of the most important reasons to buy heating and cooling systems. If you compare other forms of heating with heat pumps, the figures speak for themselves.

How does it work?

There is a lot written about the very cheap running costs of heat pumps. In a nutshell, heat pumps use a refrigerant gas to transfer the heat energy from outside your home to inside, and the system can be switched into a reverse cycle to allow the opposite to occur, i.e cooling.

The dramatic cost saving comes from the fact that to create this energy transfer, you only need to run a compressor to pump the refrigerant gas around. The refrigerant gas does the transferring of energy for nothing.  It is basically the same as your domestic refrigerator, but can reverse its operation as well.

The system has been in use for many years in the world of refrigeration and air conditioning providing cooling for many different objects. From sides of lamb, to computers, the same principle applies, with different gases providing different cooling effects.  Then the reversing valve was designed and heating became a possiblilty.

Why have home heat pumps only become popular recently?

Heat pumps have been around for a long time, but their recent climb in popularity is due to two main factors.

First, the cost of electricity has risen to a point where the capital investment of buying a system now has a good payback return.

Second, the technological advances in compressor design and control have allowed the running costs to drop further and have improved the ability of heat pumps to still deliver heat when the outside temperature has dropped under zero degrees celcius.

What else can a heat pump do?

Heat pumps are now being used in many different areas as well as direct heating into your home. Hot water cylinders, under floor heating, swimming pools and radiator systems are now being hooked up into heat pump systems due to the excellent rate of return from your dollar of power purchased.

We primarily design and install heat pumps which heat your air in your home. But as keen refrigeration trained engineers, we are keeping a close eye on whats happening across the entire field. We can offer advice and recommend other forms of heat pump use from our extensive experience.

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