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10 Step Guide to Buying a Heat Pump

10 step giude to buying the right heat pumpAt Hothouse, we want to help ensure you make the best decision for you.

We have created a 10 step guide to buying a heat pump and invite you to view this by clicking the image to the right, or by clicking here to download (PDF - 1.2mb)

Our 10 step guide includes information on:

  1. Know what areas you are looking to heat
  2. Know what heat pumps and other heating devices can actually do
  3. Know if the area you want heating is insulated
  4. Something Energy efficient & green
  5. Buy a product that is supported in New Zealand
  6. How do I know they have picked the right unit for me?
  7. Will the Heat Pump be located in the right place?
  8. Can the company you buy the heat pump from look after it, and you, once they have put it in?
  9. Make sure you get value for money
  10. Recognise the cheeky sales tricks

If you have any questions on heat pumps after reading this, or want any clarification, just call us and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.